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Updated July 2021

What is DRIP?

DRIP Network is a CD-based approach to hodling and compound interest earning, with an optional referral system.

It is a faucet that operates like a slow-motion moon; over the course of a year you can earn 365% (1% daily), with re-compounding possible. It's anti-rug, anti-whale, pro-diamond hands and encourages spreading the word, but is not dependent on it.

In other words, this is like a Certificate of Deposit, but with referrals.


This is effectively a staking operation. Minimum start is 1 DRIP (~ $33 currently). You can purchase DRIP with BNB on the Binance Smart Chain. Either pull that amount out and receive your 1% return of the DRIP token per day, or you can "Hydrate" or recompound your earnings and compound the 1% against the new amount.

Purchase your BNB, transfer it to Metamask (browser crypto wallet), make sure it's set to Smart Chain network and send your BNB to your Metamask address.

Once your BNB is in your Metamask, go to and connect the wallet, and buy at least 1 DRIP. If you purchase through Pancakeswap you will incur a 10% fee. There are zero fees if you use the native DRIP swap.

Participating in DRIP is by invitation only. If you like, you can enter my Buddy ID: 0xb8ca390cd21da010d17a81d96597b679bcc2A851

You can also use this link, which should auto-populate fields with my ID:

Then, just deposit you DRIP and start receiving your 1% per day. Be sure to leave enough BNB in your Metamask address to account for transaction fees.


You are also able to refer others to DRIP, which allows you to get a portion of their deposits. A downline is a way to amplify your results past the 1% per day return.

This gamefies the tokenomics by marketing DRIP through word-of-mouth, with a financial incentive for the person developing their downlines, but if you're not interested in the social aspect of it, you are still able to earn that 1% daily return, regardless. But of course, like compounding your interest, you compound even further through referrals.

Keep in mind, taking advantage of referrals requires owning a separate token called bR34P, which you can purchase on PancakeSwap.

The amount of bR34P determines the number of levels of your downline you can benefit from, according to this chart:

DOWNLINES bR34P in wallet
1 2
2 3
3 5
4 8
5 13
6 21
7 34
8 55
9 89
10 144
11 233
12 377
13 610
14 987
15 1597

To receive rewards from 2 levels, your direct referrals, and 1 level below (the people your direct referrals refer), you’ll need to purchase 3 bR34P in the same wallet associated with your account on DRIP. 5 bR34P for 3 levels down, and so on, and so forth.

RESERVOIR (Liquidity Farm)

There is yet another way to participate in the DRIP ecosystem, and this is through staking in the Reservoir.

This is a farming mechanism where you are a liquidity Provider, buying the DROP LP with BNB, which then rewards you in BNB.

By staking DROP, you passively generate BNB, which you can then compound, or withdraw to buy more DRIP for your contract.

The Reservoir is just an additional option provided to benefit both yourself as an investor, as well as benefit the DRIP ecosystem. It is not a requirement.


The simplest thing is to just buy DRIP and recompound earnings for a year before claiming your DRIP rewards. That would maximize your percentage, as well as the anticipated price rise of the DRIP token. The other options, such as growing a downline, and staking in DROP, can amplify those earnings.

One important note, once funds are deposited into the DRIP contract, you will not be able to withdraw the total amount. This is similar to a CD. You are only able to withdraw what’s in the Available section of Faucet.


Purchase BNB on PancakeSwap

Go to and exchange BNB for DRIP.

Enter a Buddy address in the Referral section. Please consider signing up under my buddy address: 0xb8ca390cd21da010d17a81d96597b679bcc2A851

Deposit at least 1 DRIP (Ensure you have enough BNB to pay for the gas fees.)

Get ready to receive 1% daily!

DRIP Website

DRIP Lightpaper

DRIP Contract Link (BSCScan)

Buy bR34P